Effective Meetings

Board Meeting Minutes: 8 Things You Should Never Miss!

This course will provide knowledge and perspective related to the minutes related to school board meetings. As meeting minutes are a record of what the school board discussed and voted upon at their meeting, it becomes critical that those involved in reading, understanding as well as taking and recording the details related to best practices regarding board minutes.

Zenda Bowie, GSBA Consultant and Former School Board Member

Course Length : 1 Hours
Board Training Credit : 1 Hours

Domain V – Board Meetings: Domain Description: In order to conduct official business for the purpose of improving student achievement and organizational effectiveness, the governance leadership team plans and conducts board meetings in accordance with Open Meetings Law and local board

Standard A - The board announces and holds meetings in accordance with local board policy and the Open Meetings Law (O.C.G.A. §50-14-1).
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